Backyard Update


I'm so anxious for our veggies to start growing. The plants are growing wild already. These photos are from about a week ago and show the plants at roughly half the size they are now. But instead of taking photos, we've been weeding, planting some old onions found in the fridge (because, why not?!), avoiding the baby robin nest underneath the deck (not so convenient since Ephram's swing hangs from there), adding mulch to the gardens and other landscaping, replanting a section of flower near the patio, etc.

Hopefully the next round of photos reveals those changes, but for now, here's more documenting I did last week after E went to bed and Beau and I worked on "prettying" the gardens.

I think Mama Robin had a bit of OCD. Three nests?! Good thing she finally made up her mind...

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach...

I hope my mom sees this picture of the snake skin! She hates snakes. =)