Beach Days, Matagorda Bay | Houston with Kids


dlp-houston-with-kids I still can't get over how close we live to the ocean.  Not too close (it's still an hour or so drive) but close enough.  Close enough that I've already lost count as to just how many times we've made the drive to the Gulf since we've moved here.  Yet, somehow it wasn't until the week my mom was visiting that I finally got some beach toys for Ephram.  I thought it would keep him more occupied on land, but he's fairly brave when it comes to walking straight into the ocean.  We have to keep our eye on this one.

His new beach toys.  He had no intention of setting them down until we got to the ocean.

Finally time to play with those new beach toys.

I have never seen so many live 'diggers' in my entire life. They were everywhere. Beau just put his hands in the sand and picked these up. I know my grandma will be impressed.

Looking for airplanes.  A daily hobby.

Walking the beach with Grandma Barb (my mom).

Click here for more information about Matagorda Bay Nature Park.