Cabin Fever & Hummingbirds


The hot days have been giving me feelings of Cabin Fever lately. Which seems ridiculous, but also understandable. I used to get Cabin Fever every winter in Minnesota, usually right after the holidays ended and my dislike for cold weather really came out. So why should I ever have Cabin Fever in Texas? Is this a term even used by Southerners? Well the hot temperatures have definitely been keeping us inside more than I'd like. I want to get outside! But, we knew it would get hot down here. We always defended our choice to move to Texas, saying, "We'd rather be stuck inside when it's too hot and look out the window at green, than be stuck inside when it's too cold and look out of the window at dirty whiteness." I guess I had just forgotten that our turn to stay inside more would come in the summer, while our families and friends up North would be enjoying the outdoors more. But really, we have spent some time outside. This current feeling of Cabin Fever is nothing like the bouts I felt each winter in Minnesota. We've gone on morning/evening walks around the neighborhood. We've played at the splash pad with friends. And just as I was figuring out why I was feeling Cabin Fever midday Saturday, Beau came home with an avocado tree from Lowes. Seriously. Would he have ever considered buying a plant in the middle of winter in Minnesota? How about a new tricycle for Ephram? New patio furniture on clearance? My mind is still blown away by the sandals and grills I've seen on clearance lately - at the same time they would be clearanced up north! All because it's going from 90s/100s everyday to 70s/80s soon?

Of course, after processing these 'Cabin Fever' thoughts, we ended up spending most of Saturday evening outside because it was gorgeous. Ephram played with his water table. Beau cleaned up the landscaping a bit. And I tried to capture a picture of the cute hummingbirds that have discovered our delicious backyard! We've been anticipating them ever since Beau came across this site, and the first one showed up last weekend. I intended to just get a good photo for our Project Life album, but then it became a challenge! I had to be sneaky! These are a few from Saturday evening.

And then on Sunday evening, I tried again. & this time I got serious about it. Serious as in, I set up a chair! Because standing still for long periods of time (or slyly crouching) just doesn't work when you're 34 weeks pregnant. I also figured out the perfect arrangement for my tripod so that my remote would work from a good distance away. AKA: being in front of it rather than behind.

Don't mind me, just a pregnant girl photographing some birds...Seriously though, photographing hummingbirds is addicting!

We're pretty sure we've got a pair of Black Chinned Hummies and also one Ruby Throated. They supposedly only stay for about a month before heading over the Gulf for Winter. The best part is watching them fight over the feeders. Territorial little things!

We also spent the weekend watching Tropical Storm Isaac. Even the smallest threat of coming to Houston means Beau had a few work calls throughout the weekend to keep his company current on the latest track. Oh, Isaac. You're going to make this week interesting, aren't you...

How was your weekend?