Currently: November

Participating in this great journaling prompt by Ali Edwards.

Turning on the fireplace most mornings.

Opening the windows most days.

Loving life with an infant again. At least in the moments he's not crying, of course.

Sleeping less than three hour stretches, even when Alwyn sleeps longer.

Dreaming of the day my boys can interact more.

Planning our Christmas card photo.

Enjoying Ephram's excitement over the Christmas lights.

Searching for Christmas gifts.

Listening to The Album Leaf Pandora station (a nice calm to balance the craziness of life with an infant and toddler).

Wishing for a jogging stroller so I could take morning runs.

Attempting to run or walk a mile a day through the New Year, but have missed the last three days...

Appreciating my fabulous husband and how helpful he is during Alwyn's fussy evenings.

Thinking this season of Parenthood may be a favorite of mine.

Taking evening walks with my boys most evenings.

Craving sautéed brussel sprouts.

Wearing my non-maternity jeans.

Attempting to be patient with Ephram.

Catching up on Project Life after falling behind during September and October.

Anticipating Ephram's first Christmas where he finally, sort of, gets it.