Decemeber & January Self

Two huge months of change. A new state. A new climate. A new home. A new job. Wow.

December and January were two huge months of change.  From (potentially) selling our house in the North Star state, to moving to an apartment in the Lone Star state, to trading our snow boots for sandals, to retiring from meteorology and staying home with Ephram.  Change I had dreamed of but never thought would be a reality. I'm not sure I could ever feel more grateful.  Grateful to have the opportunity to care for Ephram each day, enjoy every evening and weekend with Beau, and spend more time on my photography.  Grateful for our friends and family for helping us make the huge move; there aren't even words for how thankful I am for them.

But back up to December.

December marked a month of unknown.  If you know me at all,  you know I don't deal with change well.  But I think because I saw the potential for us to move awhile before we knew for sure, I was able to adequately prepare myself.  I guess it didn't hurt that Texas is amazing and we had always hoped to move to a warmer climate someday.  A place with palm trees.  Where snow rarely visited -- which is rather funny since snow has been a rarity in Minnesota this winter too.  Yet when it finally did snow, I was quick to put on my boots and snap a picture.  Someday I might actually miss the snow.  But not anytime soon. ;)

January brought less uncertainty, but more change.  We fell right into our new lives without skipping a beat, even though we had no furniture in our new place.  What likely would have taken awhile to feel like home, felt even more odd with empty walls, no desks, or couches, or chairs.  But we adjusted to the new lifestyle, soaking up the warm sun, and enjoying much more time as a family than we could in our previous life.  One of the best parts for me in January was time to rest, clear my head, and even enjoy a good book (or two).  It's been so long since I had time to sit and read that I had forgotten how enjoyable it could be.

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