November Self


Second month in and I already nearly failed at my monthly self portrait project! But I WILL do better in December. I just know it. And while I'm being honest, I guess these wouldn't even be considered self portraits since my little helper in the photo? ...well, he did the button pushing. But I knew it would make him happy and willing, so we went with it.

November was packed full of stuff, yet when I look back on the calendar I mostly see failures. I scheduled several runs throughout the month, yet I never did, not once, because I never made it to the gym to open a membership. I tried to make dinner every evening, and while the first half of the month went well, I attempted new recipes for the second half and failed at almost every one. Good thing Thanksgiving was thrown in there to even out all the bad food I made!

But despite all these failures, I did spend a lot of time with Ephram & Beau. I have finally gotten back into the habit of running. And I learned that soup needs to cooked slowly so that it doesn't burn. So I guess November wasn't as much of a failure as it would seem.


Are you doing a monthly self portrait project as well? Place a link to your monthly photo in the comments below and I’ll add you to the list of those joining me.

ps. I will post the previous month's photo within the first week of the following month. Ex: November's photo in December.


Doppler Dolly . Shanna