Ephram // 14 Months

Age: 14 MonthsWeight: Guessing still about 22.5 lbs Length: Guessing 30" Size: 12 month onesies, 12-18 month everything else, size 4 diaper, size 4 or 5 shoe Hair: Blonde, "duckie hair" (thin) just like his daddy. Teeth: Six, no signs of more right now. Sleeping: Bedtime 7:30-8pm, wakes up at 5:45am-6:30am. Rarely wakes up at night and if he does, goes back to sleep w/o us going into his room. Naps: 1 hour morning nap, 1.5-2.5 hour afternoon nap. Isn't getting a morning nap at daycare though, and he doesn't really need it, but why fight it if he's still willing?! (ps. just laid him down and 45 minutes later, I brought him back out, no nap... Guess it will be one nap day) Eating: Much better eater lately (the pickiness was mostly a phase!). But meat has to be small. Loves fruit, especially bananas and cherries. Cheese lover. Movement: Went from mostly crawling to mostly walking to running all over the house in about 7 days. Happened about a week ago and he walks everywhere now. Started pointing at what he wants more this month. Chases the cats, pulls their hair/tails. Milestones: Walking of course. Using a fork to eat fruit (see video below). Can go down stairs, but it's very scary to watch bc he refuses to go down backwards, so we watch him closely. Outings: Hanging out in the yard since it's finally be warm enough, though warm has been relative. Spring should finally arrive this week for good. Words/sounds: Understands a lot, but no words other than mama, and some babbles that sort of sound like dada. Isn't even saying kitty much anymore. But he is very vocal and uses sounds to communicate, such as a questioning 'huh?' when he is asking something. Hard to describe, but I think he's getting closer to talking more soon. Let's out screams when we don't let him do something he wants to do (ie. walk into the road, play with the swiffer mop, bang objects on the coffee table, bang his toys on the floor). Very stubborn boy. Memorable moments: First bloody boo boo when he fell on the driveway and cut the inside of his lip. Only cried a little. Many other bumps and bruises come with the new ability to walk. He rarely cries much about them unless he's tired and cranky.