Ephram // 15 months

Holy cow! How did my little boy get to be such a big toddler? It's so amazing watching him become this little person with opinions (as frustrating as that may be sometimes). Age: 15 Months Weight: Guessing 23 lbs? Length: Guessing 30"? Size: Mostly 12-18 month clothes (Even though some 12 month clothes still fit, most of his 18 month wardrobe is Summery, so I'm putting it to use whenever it's warm enough), size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe Hair: My little blonde boy. Seriously, I had dreams about this, and his hair is finally growing. That, or the humidity and warmth is making it more voluminous. Teeth: Still just six. I can't even remember the last time he got a tooth. He's had six for so long now. Sleeping: Bedtime 7:30ish. Wakes up between 5:30 and 7am. Very good sleeper at night. Naps: Will take two naps on non-daycare days, but when at daycare, he only gets one... (hoping to push for two next week. makes for a much happier Ephram in the evenings.) Eating: All of the place. Sometimes he likes food, sometimes he hates food. Most of the time, he's very cautious of what I'm offering him. But if I force him to taste it, he likes it about 70% of the time. Loves smoothies, cheese, snack food (of course), fruit, granola bars, cherries, bananas. And he now knows to run to his high chair and ask to sit in it when it's time to eat or when he's hungry. Communication is a beautiful thing, really. Movement: Oh this boy can move. That's for sure. Walking, almost running. Can walk through the grass. Climbs into Beau's bedside table cupboard to "hide" from us. Spins in circles on command. "Ephram, Do Circles!" Milestones: Up and down stairs like a pro. Outings: First trip up to the cabin on the year. Words/sounds: Still not saying much. But actually, he is. Confusing? Well, instead of words, Ephram mimics the tune of words. Yep. I'll say "bye-bye" and Ephram won't enunciate the word, he'll instead, sing the same tune I said "bye-bye" in. I've never heard of a baby doing that, but he understands a ton of words and everyday I'm noticing more mimicking of words without syllables. They'll come someday, I'm sure. (Note to self: post videos of Ephram "talking" because it's so hard to describe in words and I'm sure I'll forget all about this stage in 5 or 10 years) Memorable moments: This one.