Ephram // 16 Months

Age: 16 MonthsWeight: 24.5 lbs Length: Guessing 30-ish? Size: Mostly 12-18 month clothes, some 24 month, size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe Hair: Tons of hair. It's everywhere. Crazy, wispy, sometimes curly, thin blonde hair. Teeth: I'm not sure he'll ever have more than six teeth at this rate! Actually, the recent increase in drool, biting, and crankiness is hopefully a sign of more teeth. Sleeping: Bedtime 7-8pm, Wakes up 6-7am. Naps: Sometimes two. Sometimes just one, which usually leads to a stressful evening of crying. Eating: Blueberries, noodles, bananas, strawberries. Not liking meat (maybe it's hard to chew with just six teeth?), not very interested in bread unless it's from our plates instead of his. Loves his milk. Loves cheese. Movement: Tried to climb up on the couch by raising his leg, and can almost do it. Runs, spins, tries to jump. Milestones: I think the amount he understands was the biggest milestone this month. I tell him we need to change his diaper and he runs to his room where the diapers are. I tell him to get his shoes on or take them off and he attempts to do it by himself. Tries to take his clothes off when I tell him it's time for a bath and he needs to get naked first. Sits in his chair to eat when I suggest it to him (because he's begging for food). Outings: Visited the cabin. Words/sounds: "Mor" for more, "Mil" for milk, and continues to say "uh-oh" all the time, along with "good-bye" (and waves), "the end", "all done" (with sign language sometimes), but it's more of noise imitation than pronunciation of the word still. But like I said, he understands a bunch. Memorable moments: Hmm... biting mommy and daddy? Whipping his head back when mad and hitting it on the wall, resulting in bumps and scratches? Grabbing mommy's curling iron off the counter and burning his hand? All very memorable this month. But he also helps daddy push the button to grind the coffee beans, and helped assemble the garden hose house with a screw driver. Anything he can "work" on. Oh, and he can twist a bottle cap. And of course, continuing to be the sweetest little boy in the world.