Ephram // 17 Months


Age: 17 MonthsWeight: 26 lbs Length: Guessing 31 or 32-ish? Size: Mostly 12-18 month clothes, some 24 month, size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe (no change here, but some 12-18 month clothes are seeming small, while others are still huge on him) Hair: Had his first trim, just to the rat-tail he's been growing since birth. The rest is filling in nicely. Love how blonde he is, just like his daddy was. Teeth: Doubled his teeth by pushing through 6 more just in the last two weeks. Sleeping: Bedtime 7-8pm, Wakes up 6-7am. Naps: 90% of the time we are just doing one nap now - usually 1.5-2.5 hours. Eating: Still loves berries, cheese, noodles. Doesn't like tomatoes, or green beans, or peppers. All of which we are growing in the garden this year. Oh well, more for mom! Movement: Runs everywhere, does a 'run in place' type dance that he loves to do when he's got his shoes on so it sounds like tap dancing. Starting to climb things, like the bench in the entry way. Milestones: The biggest one this month was again more understanding of what we are saying, AND trying to say what we are saying. AND finally starting to identify parts of his body when asked. Outings: South Dakota vacation! Words/sounds: In addition to perfecting 'mor' and "uh-oh", he attempted to say pizza, balloon (baba), and ball. He learned "woah" while on vacation and will repeat me when I say "can you say mama?" which just about makes my heart burst. Memorable moments: Our whole South Dakota trip was memorable with Ephram. He did so well in the car with his cousins and loved being outside playing with rocks at the campsite.

While still trying to understand good vs bad behavior, he seems to test out every bad behavior whenever he performs a single one and gets scolded. For example, if he hits, we'll tell him not to hit. Then he follows it up by hitting more, then biting, then hitting his own head on a wall or the floor, to which we continue to say no. Then he shakes his head and puts on a very sad face.

He continues to be very sensitive, so when you tell him not to do something, he may burst into tears (usually when it's someone other than me scolding him - if it's me, he just laughs). Even something as simple as declining a goldfish cracker when he offers you one may cause tears, or at least a sad face + shaking his head.

The photo below is a blurry example of Ephram's scared face. This was at Wall Drug in South Dakota when seeing the dinosaur from Jurassic Park. (We're wonderful parents.)