Ephram | 4 MONTHS

My baby is 4 months old. Four months! I look back at pictures from just 4 months ago and I can't even believe he was ever that small. It just doesn't seem possible. He's such a chub now, so that skinny little thing that wasn't given food for 4 days in the NICU, doesn't even seem like the same little boy. He eats like crazy now (usually 6-8 ounces a feeding!). I'm interested to see what he weighs at his 4 month check up on Friday, but just two weeks ago he was already over 15 pounds.

Well, here are some of the things Ephram is into these days:

  • still not in love with tummy time but we do it
  • laughs anytime we smile at him, play peekaboo, or make a funny noise
  • giggles when shirts go over his head
  • squeals and 'talks' all the time
  • goes down great for bedtime (around 7pm)
  • but not so great for naptime (sometimes to calm down we bounce on this together)
  • Still uses a nuk and holds a burp cloth to fall asleep most of the time
  • loves being read to (scored 5 new Boynton books at a garage sale for $1.25 total!)
  • likes watching tv and even talks back to it
  • spits up a ton (these bibs are the best thing ever)
  • about ready to move into 6-9 month clothes (seriously, how did I make a 90 percentile baby?)
  • bringing toys to his mouth more and more
  • starting to chew on Sofie
  • thinks that food should not come into his mouth via spoon (was hoping rice cereal hinder some of the spitting up, but no. barely can get it past his tongue)
  • sleeps 6-8 hours before his bottle overnight, then usually another 4-5 hours before waking up for the day
  • can go back to sleep after his 'midnight bottle' without a nuk (making the second half of the night go much smoother than it used to)
  • loves sitting in his high chair and watch us walk around the kitchen making food
  • yells for our attention when he gets bored in his bouncer

Ephram | 4 MonthsEphram | 4 Months