Ephram-isms: Gugl + Fry Pans


After Ephram's Monthly post at 18 months, I decided to stop.  As a toddler, his diaper size, clothing size, nap schedule, wasn't changing quite as often so it made sense.  But over the past couple of months, I feel I've stopped documenting his growth in other areas, such as his personality.  So I'm starting Ephram-isms.  I know that as his language and personality continue to grow and develop, things will be changing quickly in the next few months and years.  So here we go, Ephram-isms at 20months. *this conversation happens no less than 25 times before daddy arrives home from work each afternoon* ephram: Dada? (or Mama? when I'm not home) me/beau: He/She's at work. ephram: Oooooh...

*once daddy arrives home* beau: BUDDDYYYY! ephram: DADA!!! *it's about the most wonderful thing since sliced bread

beau: show me your muscles ephram: *squeezes hands, lifts them straight into the air and growls* arrrrrgghhh!

*beau or I inevitably take out our iphones to check mail* ephram: Gugl?! (obviously asking for Gugl or Carl)

Frequent words: Cooking?? (said whenever he sees a pot or pan or spatula, even while walking through Ikea's kitchen showrooms) said more like "cookieee?"

mote, meant as remote

seeee? said whenever he wants to see what I'm cooking, see out the window, etc.

*i may add more later since whenever I'm always forgetting these little things, but these little things are something I want to remember so badly.

*and a recent photo + story behind it: a fry pan on the coffee table might seem unusual to most, but not in our home. See whenever I cook these days, it means Ephram also will ask for a pan to cook in. This day, he took the pan to the living room, then came back to ask for a snack. See, cheerios in a fry pan on the coffee table really isn't that crazy, is it?