Ephram Visits the Cabin

It's a rarity for Beau and I to have a three day weekend off together, especially on a real weekend. But we had one, and we decided we better use it to visit the cabin at least once this year. (Unfortunately, he missed an awesome storm chase day in the Dakotas as a result...)Ephram seemed to enjoy visiting the cabin. New scenery. He loved looking at everything new. Didn't even seem very interested in his toys because there was so much to look at. We ended up only staying one night, because as much as we love the cabin, there just isn't a ton of activities suitable for a 3 month old baby at the cabin, especially when the water is too cold and the sun is too bright. But my mom came up to visit with us, and Ephram seemed to enjoy his first few boat rides.


Ephram's First Boat RideEphram's First Boat RideEphram's First Boat Ride

He did very well on the car ride as well. I sat in back with him and couldn't help but take a few dozen pictures. He's such a cutie. I just can't help myself.

On the drive to the Cabin