October Self


Artists have been taking self portraits for years, whether for exploration of self, a means of therapy, or just as a way to remember what they looked like and how they felt during a particular season. I attempted weekly self portraits in the past and it didn’t end well. I got busy. But now I regret it. I think taking a self portrait forces you to become comfortable in front of the camera. Sure I will see flaws; everyone sees flaw in themselves. But do we see more flaws in our selves than in others? Probably. So my mission is to ignore the flaws, document who I am each month, and see where it takes me. If anything, I think someday my son will enjoy seeing who was behind the camera taking all those photos of him. ;) So I'm starting with my October image, which actually was taken last Friday, but who cares, it's still something. I grabbed Ephram, the tripod, and my camera and headed to this area of woods I love near our house. I wasn't sure what I wanted to capture in this first self portrait, but it figured it self out. While taking these photos, and running back and forth to the camera to check and adjust the focus and exposure, Ephram was traipsing around the woods finding sticks. Just about the time I got my camera focused and sat down to click the remote, Ephram became interested in my camera. He was imitating the clicks my camera was making and it made me laugh. And that has been my life lately; laughing at Ephram.

Farmington Portrait Photographer's Self PortraitFarmington Portrait Photographer's Self Portrait

I’d love if you joined me. Even if you don’t have kids, isn’t it fun to look back at photos of yourself from high school, college, when you first started dating your current husband? Place a link to your monthly photo in the comments below and I'll add you to the list of those joining me.

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