Finding Gators at Brazos Bend | Houston With Kids


dlp-houston-with-kids When we used to live in Minnesota, taking walks were some of our favorite activities.  Now that we live in Texas, Brazos Bend State Park is our favorite place to take such walks.  If you've never been here, it's a must.  With the many alligators just lying around, it's better than a zoo!

Ephram's getting really good at spotting the alligators, but still mistakes logs in the water as gators occasionally. Understandably so.

With all the rain Texas has been getting since we arrived in January, it's become so lush and green. I love it. And the wildflowers are beautiful.

The alligators must think so too.

Even though the gators pretty much ignore the people, we keep our distance.

Gotta love big trails for toddlers to run out all that energy!

After leaving the park, he always goes on and on about the jumping gators, jumping in the water. Two year olds are the best.

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