Five on Friday

I'm already switching it up a bit from last Friday. But hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want, right? Ok, that's what I thought. 1. we worked a lot this week. between my husband and I, we've worked five 16 hour shifts since Labor Day in addition to a few regular shifts. not really all that fun as you can imagine. since sunday, we've seen a total of about 2.5 hours of each other. (not fun...) but there's a reason! oh, you better believe there is a reason. next week we'll finally have 3 whole days off. together. in a row. for the second time since i've been back to work from maternity leave. what will we be doing exactly? the north shore, of course. it's one of our favorite 'not-too-far-away' destinations. we headed up there last year together for a few days and hiked non-stop, even though i was six months pregnant. i'm a trooper. other than visiting the cabin for one night earlier this summer, this will be our first family trip. i'd love to start a little travel map like this one for the three of us.

2. i'm very much in denial that fall is approaching. i usually love fall, and i guess i still do, but i'm seriously dreading winter this year. warming up the car, shoveling, driving in the slippery snow... ya, it's just not my thing. did I ever mention that I was actually born in tucson, arizona? I don't think I was meant to move this far north. ever. but then again, minnesota really isn't that bad for about 75% of the year, so i shouldn't complain. ok, where am I going with this? oh ya... so anything that can get me excited about fall coming this year is great in my book. luckily, summer and marta came up with these great postcards. i'm in love with the autumn series. these girls are awesome.

3. ephram's three hour morning naps have sadly diminished to just a little over one hour these days. it's a good and bad thing all at the same time. one thing is for sure, i love hearing him talk to himself in his crib before and sometimes after his naps. on wednesday it went on for about 35 minutes before he fell asleep.

4. breakfast was eventful this morning. i mixed together some oatmeal and peaches for ephram; an english muffin with peanut butter for me. ephram's becoming very interested in grabbing his food. i know this. yet, i held his bowl of peaches and oatmeal a bit too close to him this morning and he flung the bowl, not once, but twice, resulting in peaches and oatmeal globs all over the dining room, including the ceiling, my pajamas, and probably 25 other spots i have yet to find.

5. the following picture was taken last week before the vikings game (ending in a loss...) but this sunday we'll be sporting our yellow and purple once again and hoping for a win. it's also my goal to try and take one picture a month of all three of us. i love this field behind us and am dying to take more picture out there soon. good thing is, it's right near my house!

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