Five on Friday

1. Not everyday do you encounter something so strange as a man dressed in all black, jogging on the side of the interstate in the dark. Right? Right. Well on Wednesday, when I was driving home from "the day job", I saw this man on the side of the roadand the thoughts that entered my brain went something like this: "Hey crazy man, it's a little weird that you jogging on the side of the road, in all black, in the dark. And by the way, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" 2. Skip ahead to Thursday afternoon, I came across a news article about a triple homicide linked to a man who was found on the interstate last night after he fled from his stalled car. Looking at the time line in this article, I think it's safe to say, I was within FEET of hitting the murderer WITH MY CAR! Completely crazy!

3. Anyways, I'm glad they caught him. I'm sad about what he did to his family. But I am still glad I did not hit him. That would have scarred me for life.

4. In other news, my son, Ephram and I are continuing our streak of colds this month. Though I'm starting to think that our trip to the doctor last Friday was a little pointless and that instead of the possible ear infection, which the doctor (not our family doctor) did not necessarily even confirm he had, perhaps it was actually just teething. All the same symptoms I guess. And this week I caught a peek at his bottom gums, and can now see two possible teeth lumps ready to poke through.

5. This week, Ephram has decided he wants to be mobile. We've been reminded by several people that we should enjoy these last few weeks, days, hours in which Ephram is 'stuck'. It won't be long before he crawls. And while I'm trying to enjoy this time, I can't help but be excited for him. It's not even about the objects out of reach for him right now. You could put the entire house within reach and he'd still want to practice getting on his belly and trying to GO. So while I will try to enjoy it, I'll be rooting him on in the next week or two for sure.


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