Florida Part 5/ The Naples Pier


Okay, I promise this is the last post about Florida. Unless you want more, because trust me, I’ve got more. I think it’s safe to say that we visited the Naples Pier every (full) day we were in Naples. We love the ocean, and while we are adventurous at times –trying new restaurants out, attempting to blend in with the rich and retired, boating, and exploring the Everglades– we also like to calm walks on the beach, putting our feet in the sand, searching for pretty shells, people watching, and enjoying the views.

The first day it was fairly foggy on the coast, despite the sunshine inland. And the second day, it was raining when we went. This didn’t stop the old fisherman of course, so there was still quite a bit of action on the pier both of those days. By the third day, the sun had returned and we witnessed a gorgeous sunset, along with a ton of other people. I suppose watching the sun set on a beach in Naples isn’t such a unique idea on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. Go figure!

So here’s a collage of some of my Naples Pier photos. It was probably my favorite spot to visit. At least in the top 3, and likely battling it out in the top two with 5th Ave Coffee Co. You can see in the first photo that the pier was yet another place we spotted dolphins. And that’s a baby hammerhead shark that fisherman caught.

PS. I realize that I never posted a single photo of me on this trip. I promise I was there, and there are photos to prove it, but let’s just say, the sexy beach hair most people covet, doesn’t exactly work for me. So there will be no photos of me with crazy, wild beach hair permitted on my blog.