Friday Finds (and a photo)

Happy Friday! (I'm just going to ignore the whole Vikings loss last night...) Since I rarely get to celebrate Friday as a true end to the work week (read: rotating shifts, aka. crappiest work schedule ever), I would like to create a new tradition for my Fridays. I wanted to share with you my internet finds this week (and hopefully the next several weeks as well if I can keep it up). I love surfing the internet. There are so many wonderful blogs and ideas out there that you could never discover them all. This week I found:

+ Perfect Fall pillows to add to the living room this season

+ The cutest paint project for Ephram (or maybe the nieces and nephews?) next summer.

+ Inspired by this 6 items of clothing challenge. Though I already hardly ever buy new clothing, getting creative with what I have would be a great accomplishment.

+ Cutest jars for canning (and wonderful typography).

+ With Fall on it's way, I'm starting to crave all things pumpkin.

+ Wishing I could stick to a meal plan like this for myself. I've been obsessing and collecting numerous healthy recipes lately but due to my lack of desire and skills in the kitchen, they never get made.

Happy Friday!

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