From Here & There


As we pack up our apartment for our second, and much shorter, move to a house, I feel like I should probably catch up on posting some of my favorite shots from our time here in the cramped apartment. Project Life has kept me motivated in taking photos of our lives nearly everyday, which I love. But now that I have a spot for them in Project Life, I tend to forget to share them on here. So bear with me because these are going to be pretty random. While my mom was visiting last month, Ephram got a haircut. There's no way he'd ever stay that still for me - & he didn't really for my mom either, so she continued to clip little by little the whole time she was visiting. Most often when he was occupied with a snack.

There's not much I'll miss about the apartment, but the pool was nice. Our new neighborhood doesn't have a pool yet, though it's in the future plans (it's a fairly new neighborhood). In the meantime, I'm hoping a kiddie pool and frequent visits to the ocean will help us survive our first Houston Summer. I still say it can't be worse than enduring the freezing cold weather of Minnesota Winters though.

And a random couple of my mom and a pretty tree near the pool. I don't care how hot it gets this Summer. We've had beautiful trees, flowers, and birds to look at for nearly four months already.

I've been doing an awful job of getting in the pictures myself, so I'm glad Beau took this one for me. This boy could kill me with his laughs.

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