Handing the Camera Over + Letting Go.


Last Saturday, Beau and I brought Ephram to the woods. We finally had a day off together with no afternoon plans in place, so the minute Ephram woke up from his nap, we set out for a hike. No time to wake up buddy, because in Minnesota, we have to take advantage of the nice weather days when we get them!

So often, the times I spend taking photos of Ephram happen to be when Beau is at work or, occasionally, when Ephram is playing with Beau. When Beau and I are home together, we're usually busy-busy. This is probably why I have very few photos of Ephram and I together.

It really comes down to selfishness. I want to be in control of the camera, use the lighting to my advantage, I want to practice, capture Ephram the way I want to capture him. It's down right selfish. So Saturday, I handed the camera over to my husband and tried to let go. Yes, I may have asked him what aperture he was using a few too many times, and reminded him to overexpose because the sun was at our backs, but I did my best to let him be in control of the camera.

And I'm sure glad I did.