happy 24th year

Today is Beau's birthday, though he doesn't care much to celebrate it ever.  I guess it works well then that today is really only 23 hours, compared to the usual 24.

Well, Happy Birthday Beau!

Ten things I love about you:

1. Your willingness to cook since I absolutely hate (not to mention suck at) cooking much of anything.

2. You support what I'm working on, even when you think it's ridiculous.

3.  Your jokes are hilarious, even if I'm the only one that laughs.

4.  You make me go to bed at a reasonable hour when I have no real reason for staying up.

5.  You find the funniest videos on the internet, sit me down, and show me.

6.  You can fix ANY electronic problem in the house.

7.  Your passion for weather and politics match mine.

8.  I miss your random comments to everyday things when you are not around, but I hear them in the back of my head anyways.

9.  One word: Traveling

10. You love me!