Heading West



...may flowers...Even two weeks ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what I'd be doing May 16th, 2009.  Beau and I have to set our PTO schedules way ahead of time becasue of the type of job we have.  We were incredibly lucky to get a few days off in May, typical storm chase month, and therefore hoped for a week to be able to drive all the way to Plains and chase for a few days in a row.  Well, two weeks ago, we started staring at those long range models and it wasn't looking great.  So my wonderful guy, Beau, decided we better think about some other options.  Of course, heading up to the cabin was first on the option list, though we've been wanting to go explore together somewhere new.  So, we decided upon Glacier.  If it was going to be non-stormy here, it was likely to be warm there, even in May.

And even a day ago, I had no idea I'd be leaving TODAY!  Beau switched out of his shift at work and we are leaving today.  That's how my crazy guy does it.  He loves to change it up on me without any notice.  Me on the other hand; I'm still working on being more spontaneous.  But I think he's slowly rubbing off on me since I had no qualms over leaving 14 hours earlier than previously planned.

Life comes at you fast (faster even as you get older), and I'm just enjoying the ride.

Pictures to come in 8 days!

PS. Sadly I'll be missing the prime time for my blooming lilacs.  Therefore, this picture is to make up for not having beautiful lilac pictures from the backyard.  This tree can be found in my sister and brother in law's front yard.  And I love it!