Just know, that I will...


Oh Ephram, It's nearly incomprehensible to me that at one point in your life we sat together on your nursery floor crying concurrently. Me because it was so hard to feed you. You, well, probably for any number of reasons; you were just a tiny infant. That fact alone makes me second guess my memories. You are such a big boy now. So much so that if I tell you that, you try to repeat the words. You sleep so well at night now, and despite your recent decision that string cheese sucks, I can get you to eat a fairly good amount of foods.

Reaching 18 months was a big milestone for me. More so than the 12 month mark. You are no longer a baby, even if you are attached to a certain baby blanket. (Don't worry bud, I still have mine too.) You understand so much of what I say, you have so many opinions, and your stubbornness continues to grow daily.

Just last night, I told your daddy that it's scary how smart you are becoming. The way you understand and interpret what's happening around you, your ability to climb couches and chairs, your fascination with tools and vacuums and swiffer mops. Your insistence that things must go back in their place, your curiosity with electronics and animals, the way you only hurt/hit/bite/pinch me and dad to test what effect it has on another person. You are figuring out this world and it astounds me.

And while these photos exemplify your grown-upness, I still cherish your shy toddler moments, your sloppy, wet toddler kisses, even your tantrums when all you want is for me to keep that bathroom door open and all I want is to keep some sense of order to my bathroom drawer.

I love you. And while it's hard for me to put those 'too small for you now' clothes into storage containers, I'm equally as excited to see you continue to grow into a bigger boy. Every single day you gain more knowledge. Your own daddy still doesn't realize how intelligent he is, so I suspect that even in 25 years, you won't either. But just know, that I will.

Love, your mama.