+ I'm inspired by the decor among these shelves, and hoping to replicate some of it in the built in bookshelves in our apartment.

+ Wishing I had the coordination to do Dance Aerobics on a Treadmill - or just posses the ability to dance without looking like a freak.

+ Gathering all of the "cooking" toys from Ephram's room and swapping them with all other toys in the living room. He is completely obsessed with kitchen things these days.  (see photo)

+ Trying out oatmeal smoothies and loving them. Very filling and healthy!  A plus that Ephram loves them too - & can finally sip them from a cup without spilling!

+ Attending Toddler Time at the local library in hopes of meeting some new friends for E and I.

+ Reconnecting with my Wacom tablet, and finally found the correct drivers for it. Pen pressure enabled in photoshop, FTW!

+ Hoping Freebirds is better than our Bullritos experience (two local burrito restaurants - we treid Bullritos earlier this week and were not impressed).  Either way, I'm super glad we have a Chipotle close by to feed my addiction.

+ Figuring out how much sleep a 23 month old needs and whether a nap is still necessary for Ephram... (I'm not sure I'm ready for that!)

+ Cleaning up a minor paint mess from a small Valentines project E and I took part in this morning.

+ Fiddling with CSS + HTML to create a better, combined blog. I swear, it's coming.  Someday.

+ Dreaming up the perfect arrangement of frames to hang in the living room. Of course it can't be done until it's perfect...

How's your Thursday going?

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