Making Do


Just because we don't have a yard right now, doesn't mean we haven't been spending ample time outside. Our deck may be small, but it's become one of my favorite spaces of our small apartment. Perfect for quiet weekend mornings with Beau, coffee in hand. A fun place for Ephram to spy on birds, trucks, cars, planes, puppy dogs, and 'weaf bowers' (leaf blowers = lawn mowers). Just enough space for a tiny herb garden (which I may finally use now that my pregnancy nausea is coming much less frequently). And a nice retreat for an post-naptime snack while we wait for daddy. Some days I'll keep a close eye on Find Friends so we can wave to daddy when he drives by. To say we're looking forward to having a backyard again would be an understatement, but for now we're making do with what we've got. And really, it's pretty good.