Meet Alwyn

Our little Alwyn finally arrived on October 4th. In what could qualify as the shortest and least painful delivery ever, we got to see his sweet face for the first time last Thursday. I am in love!

Only a mother could find a puffy face like that to be the cutest thing ever.

Our awesome nurse, Erin giving Alwyn his first bath.

Ephram got to meet him last Friday. When we told Ephram who the little baby was, he responded with, "No, that's not Alwyn. That's a baby." It's since started to sink in and each day he shows a little more interest in his new baby brother.

I have been snapping away like crazy with my camera, but my desire (and free time) to sit at the computer and blog is very low right now. I'll try to slowly share them on the blog, but in the meantime, Instragramming is waaaaayyyy more convenient. I've added a new page in which you can view my latest Instagrams for those of you who are not iPhone/Instagram users.