Memory Keeping with Project Life


Project Life. Is. Awesome. Project Life has become my favorite way of memory keeping. Hands down.

And I will admit, it's probably a big reason (along with Instagram) that my personal blogging has slowed down. I'm so in love with jotting down little details of our lives and capturing the small parts of our lives that mean so much to me right now. Ephram asks at least once a week to look through the album. I've gone back and forth in my mind no less than a billion times on whether I should just stay digital with my album or continue to print out my photos. And I think there is just something special about having it in hand. Just as I stress to my photography clients how important a portrait album is. Sure, a framed photo shows what your family looks like, but an album tells the story of who your family really is.

I'm currently 30 weeks into this year's album and I'm still in love with it. I'd like to start sharing my layouts on the blog occasionally. But instead of sharing every layout from the year so far, I thought I'd share my favorite bits so far. The big reasons I love this process and product.

To get all the details on Project Life, head over to Becky Higgins' website to learn more.

SCRAPS | I've been saving every ticket stub (movies, football games) since sometime in middle school. In fact, I just came across my stash of them last week in a box of memorabilia. I've done nothing with them. Same goes for the ultrasound photos I have from my pregnancy with Ephram. I love having a spot for them now. And they fit right into the story of that week.

ARTWORK | I love having a spot to keep Ephram's artwork. Every time we look at this week in February he asks to take out that frog (inserted in a 8x10 page protector sleeve).

VIDEO | We've taken quite a few videos of Ephram throughout his life, but they're all kept in a single "videos" folder on my hard drive. Completely separate from the photos. When I saw Liz of Paislee Press include a video archive in her Project Life, I instantly knew I'd be adding these regularly to my layouts. I intent to burn all the videos from each year onto a disc and keep it with my album. Associating a video with the rest of the stories and photos from a certain week will be so nice down the road.

THE LITTLE THINGS | You know all those little moments of life that fill your week with happiness, but a forgotten so quickly the following week? I surely would have forgotten all about the free carnation my OBGYN office gave me the weekend before Mother's Day if it weren't for including it in my PL album. Sure it's a small story, but it brought a smile to my face that week.

OBSERVATIONS | During the first 18 months of Ephram's life, I documented his growth via my blog, but as he grew, the growth turned into more developmental observations rather than height and weight statistics. One of the biggest observations I like to document is his language. It blows me away at how fast he has learned to talk and continues to learn sentences and phrases. Keeping these observations and quotes by him in Project Life makes it so nice to easily flip back a few months and see just how much he's changed, not only physically (in the pictures) but verbally as well.

THE CREATIVE ASPECT | I'm sure as my free time becomes limited by a newborn soon, I'll be forced to simplify my layouts a bit. Not that they are all that complex right now. But one main reason I have chosen to not make a digital PL album is adding in scrapbook elements, pretty paper, stitching - and the scraps of real life paper. I also love the idea of focusing on certain bits of our life some weeks. For example, Ali Edwards' week of food was a huge inspiration to me, and I decided I had to document our meals one week.

PURE ENJOYMENT | When I complete a week, I get a huge sense of accomplishment. I love the way it looks. I love the stories it tells. I love the details.

I have no idea how long I'll continue this project, but for now I feel like I could do it forever.