Personal Joy

I enjoy decorating probably more than I should. Pottery Barn magazines can entertain me for hours. I guess you could call it a hobby. But beyond the time spent 'researching' and admiring the decor in Pottery Barn and attempting to recreate it in my own home, it makes me happy to see the prettiness in my home everyday. So ultimately I'm creating a little bit of personal joy for my daily life. No wonder I enjoy it so much. livingroom07 edit: Previous Display 1, Previous Display 2

Sadly, after taking down our Christmas decorating this year, I was lacking time to plan and create what I wanted on our shelves to replace the holiday decor. So it took me until February to finally get around to printing new photos and rearranging the frames on my favorite Pottery Barn ledges. So glad Beau let me splurge on those things as one of our first purchases in our home 3 years ago.

livingroom01 edit: Previous Display 1, Previous Display 2

I've had most of the frames in the photos above for quite awhile, so the current display was mostly a game of rearranging the photos and filling them with new images. But a recent visit to Lowes scored us some cute clearance plants (both were around $1!) and I'm hoping that the shelves will provide good homes for them permanently (Though I love taking care of Ephram, I lack some serious plant-care skillz. I hope there is enough light for them on these shelves.)


I'm ashamed that it took me nearly a year to finally order some of the photos I'd taken of Ephram, but now I have a good mix with photos ranging from his newborn stage to the crazy crawler he is now. But wait, there's more! I'll share one more spot I spent some time decorating in our living room on Friday. (hint: you can sneak a peek of it in the second grouping of photos above!)

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