Take Off Your Coat + Come Upstairs

Ephram's birthday party (and the 3 days Beau and I had off of work together before the party) pushed us to get a few projects done around the house finally.  First being a new baby gate.  Our oddly shaped entryway and staircase made for an interesting (headache filled) baby gate search.  Don't ask me why I never looked for one at Target before last week (probably because I'm always getting a million other things when I'm there), but I found the Muchkin Extending Metal Gate - Extra Wide and Tall and it was nearly exactly what I wanted. Love my husband for installing this thing the morning before everyone arrived for Ephram's party so that we wouldn't be constantly removing our old baby gate when guest arrived.  He and I had been climbing over the old one for months, but obviously didn't expect our guests to do that.  So this new door-like system worked much better and still kept Ephram and the visiting babies safe.  The drilling upset Ephram a little bit, as you can see in the far left photo, but daddy made everything better by showing him how you can sneak toys through the bars.  Best Dad ever.

New Gate/Entryway Hooks

The second project on Beau's to do list was in our entryway.  We have a good sized entryway, but we've never had a nice place to hang our coats.  Sure, we have a large closet (the opposite wall of the photos below), but who has time to actually hang up a coat with a hanger?  I knew I wanted something on this wall even 3 years ago when we moved in.  Possibly a mirror, or a shelf with hangers, something.  But when I found Katie Bower's decorative, yet functional corner, I knew instantly that I could duplicate it in our home.

New Gate/Entryway Hooks

Tada!  And now we no longer look like slobs, hanging our jackets in a pile on the banister!   I'm lovin' it and I think it will look even better once I get around to starting that whole paint-all-the-trim-white project this spring/summer.  We may replace the bench as well, but for now it works really well as a place to set Ephram when we need to get his shoes and coat on before heading out the door.

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