on getting ready

...the crib... So far, the toughest part of being pregnant for me has been holding back from buying tons of stuff. And of course, there are good reasons not to buy stuff right away, I just don't like to listen to those logical reasons. First off, we still have no idea if the baby is a boy or girl. So I know anything I buy will have to be "gender neutral" at this point, which is fine, but then will I still be as in love with these things once I know the sex of the baby? Probably not, since I change my mind so often.

We have bought a crib. I have known for quite awhile I wanted a white crib. Something simple to go with the dresser and changing table we already have (mine as a baby). I saw this one from Ikea about a month ago after realizing how expensive the ones at Target or Babies R Us were. This was a steal. So many people have posted about how sturdy it is and how cheap! So I knew I had to have it.

This picture above is Beau, setting it up in the nursery, which is currently my summer office.

So, since I am restraining myself (seriously. I have been doing anything I can to resist driving to the store...) from buying anything else until we know if this little baby in me is a boy or girl, here are a few things I'm dreaming of buying or making soon: