{one year later – bathroom}

Here it is!  The bathroom, a whole year later.  This room is one we've put quite a bit of work into.  The floor was fairly disgusting and old, all scratched up and was a horrible old linoleum.  Replacing it was one of our most recent projects that Beau did one day when I was at work.  I couldn't believe it went so quickly.  Though after he put it in, we needed to caulk it into place and that is what took a bit more time.

The awesome part?  Most everyone that comes in, including a recent appraiser, think it's tile, but it's completely fake!

Home: After

As you can see, the only things we haven't changed out are the tile on the counter and anything in the shower.

Oh, and want to know what the random bowl is behind my Pacey Kitty?  Click the photo and head over to Flickr to find out.