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first snowfall of the season

It was the first official snowfall for MN today, and even though somehow the temperature at Minneapolis airport got to 40 degrees, it was a chilly day.  (I was sort of hoping for the high temperature to only reach 38, as it would have broke a lowest high temperature record for the date)   Well despite the cold, I shot an outdoor wedding at a gorgeous home.  I didn't get to take many pictures from the inside, but you'll definitely get a glimpse at the backyard of this home wedding.  Pictures to come very soon!

my nephew: zachary

In other news, my little nephew, Zachary, was over the other day to give me some company.  I am SO excited that he lives so close, with our own baby, little E, coming soon.  They may even be in the same class in school, which would be so wonderful.  He's already got his best friend here and waiting for him and that makes me very happy.  Not to mention, he's got another cousin, Hayden, who is 9 months old now, waiting for him as well.  Tons of fun.  Only 20 more weeks until little E can meet his cousins!

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