{our home - one year}

One year ago, I married my husband.  Though I was never really into the whole wedding planning and today will not be much different than any other day for us (meaning we won't be celebrating), I really did cherish that day.  Mainly because it meant so much more to me than a white dress and a new ring on my finger.  One year ago we were also working on our home.  Creating a home together.  We were both so anxious to get out of the apartment life and into a home we could call ours.  And we were unbelievably lucky to be able to find a home we could afford right in the town Beau grew up in.  In fact, only a block or two away from the house he grew up in as a boy.

In the past year, with the help of our families, Beau and I have worked to make our home livable.  And from the pictures below, you'll really get a feeling of the amount of work we've had to put in.  (Though I should mention, we never saw it quite this bad.  These are pictures the bank took after taking the house from the previous owners)


And the after pictures. One year later.

(click on the pictures to bring you to my flickr photostream to see random notes I've pointed out on the images)

Home: After

Home: After

Home: After

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