A Peaceful Response + Free Background

My three year old has severely been testing my patience this week. I don't know what's gotten into him, or me, but we have not been the best of friends lately. Do you ever have one of those weeks? Thankfully, I remembered bookmarking this fantastic article a few weeks ago to read when I got a chance, (thanks to the many friends who shared it on Facebook). Boy, did I need it. So afterwards I whipped up a little wallpaper for my phone to serve as a quick daily (or hourly) reminder each day. Now anytime I check my phone for an email or text, that article is fresh in my brain. I am reminded that the day is new. Today I can choose a peaceful reaction to whatever bothersome behavior my three year old is showing at that moment.

& just in case you could use a little reminder yourself, I made it a free download below.


Click here to download > iPhone 3G / 4G / 4GS Click here to download > iPhone 5G Click here to download > Droid or other mobile device Click here to download > Desktop 1024 x 768 Click here to download > Desktop 1600 x 1200 Click here to download > Desktop 1920 x 1200

Happy Friday, friends! Take a deep breathe and enjoy the weekend.