Photographs, Technology & My Grandpa's Genes

Today is my grandpa's 100th birthday! How incredible is that?! Last week my dad sent me some of the old photos they collected for his party this past weekend and I was so intrigued by them. I love seeing what they chose to photograph nearly a century ago. The way the neighborhoods looked, the clothes they wore, the expressions. But my absolute favorite one, hands down, is this photo booth capture of my grandpa when he was about 16 years old.

Another one that caught my interest was a photo of my grandpa with my dad, the year he was born. To see him at the same stage in life I am currently in, two generations ago, is so neat!

Photographs have a wonderful way of helping you connect with a person. I'm so grateful for photographs.

We weren't able to fly to Minnesota for the birthday celebration, but we were able to FaceTime with him. I'm so grateful for technology.

One more thing I'm grateful for? My grandpa's genes! :)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!