A few months ago we started asking Ephram to leave his nuk in his crib after nap times. The transition went surprisingly well. We told him a few times that this was where the nuk stayed and a few days later he was happily letting the nuk plop onto the bed when we picked him up.

Then suddenly, there was a day he couldn't live without it, fairly evident by the "mom, i'm dying" face, right?

Instead of prying him out of his room, attempting to distract him with bells and whistles, dealing with a whiny toddler for the remaining few hours before dinner, I decided to drop everything (you would too if you saw that face in person) and just enjoy my little boy being a little boy. So in his crib he went, to enjoy time with his nuk.

Never before have I been so thankful for a crabby, stubborn toddler, since it lead to a few peaceful moments and allowed me to capture something I've been meaning to capture for months. Ephram in his crib. A crib (and nuk) that will soon be replaced with big boy things.

Note: Luckily this day or two of nuk obsession was a short lived phase and we've been successfully keeping the nuk in his crib ever since (with the exception of restaurants, long car rides, and keeping him quiet in the morning at the cabin).