Ten on Tuesday

1. Five on Friday is being replaced. Yep, Friday was just too far away so I changed it to Ten on Tuesday. Don't ask questions, just accept. 2. All of a sudden it's November 2nd? Seriously, how did that happen? I swear it was July just two weeks ago.

3. Came across this great blog post by Nicole Geralut last week on my Google Reader. It got me thinking about my own childhood collections. Key chains, rocks, shells, 'got milk' ads, and beanie babies. Pretty sure there are more I'm forgetting. I love the idea of having Ephram collect something as he grows up. Any kid collection ideas?

4. Speaking of Ephram... A few nights ago, I was checking my email from bed (gosh I love my iPhone) and in an email from my husband who was working the overnight shift, he included, "By the way, I want to have another baby." I began laughing, out loud, at such a random statement for 11 o'clock at night. Five seconds later, Ephram coincidentally began crying from his crib (I swear I was not laughing loud enough to wake him up).

5. I think we'll be waiting quite a while to have that second baby.

6. In other Ephram news, he has begun inching backwards while on his belly. It's not exactly crawling, but it's movement. The backwards direction has us singing the "Backing Up" song quite often in our house.

7. If you are a DIY-er and like silhouettes, this is a cute DIY Home Decor Project that is so simple yet elegant you'll want to do it right away. Elise is so awesome at creating simple do-it-yourself projects.

8. I'm not done with Elise yet. She also did an awesome post on this DIY Chevron Headboard. I wish I had more time on my hands because I've been dreaming of having a headboard on our bed for years...

9. Other things I wish I had more time for include (but are not limited to) the following: Finishing Ephram's nursery decor, putting up Fall decorations (I swear it will be Christmas before I get around to this one), and taking pictures of Ephram for the Christmas card (which hopefully will be done before Christmas).

10. And finally, I wanted to share our Halloween. (See, this couldn't wait until a Five on Friday post, right?) We dressed up Ephram twice! On Saturday, a couple of coworkers had a housewarming/halloween party and the three of us dressed up as Breakfast. I was 2% milk, my husband was Cheerios, and little E was a banana. We didn't go too crazy with the costumes, but I thought it was a cute idea to do coordinating costumes for our first Halloween with Ephram. Sadly, I never did get a picture of us dressed up. Then on Sunday, Ephram was of course, a pumpkin. For my little chunk, this was perfect.