ten on tuesday

1. Last Tuesday began our search for a new car. Luckily, since it would have proved difficult to lug Ephram all over and test drive different cars, I got to stay home with him and hold down the fort. And lucky for me again, Beau was able to find us a 2009 Ford Focus. We would have loved an SUV, but our bank account wouldn’t have liked us very much after such a purchase. And a car with around 40k miles on it is quite a gain over Ms. 155k miles Mitsy. *Edit: Crazy news. Just found out this morning that the guy who sold us our car, died of a sudden heart attack while at his cabin last Friday. How bizarre and sad!

2. While Tuesday was a great day for finding a car, we ended up missing Ephram’s swim class that evening. So, I still have no pictures of the watery fun. And we’ll be missing next week as well… BUT, I promise pictures of him splashing in the water soon after we get back from Florida.

3. Beau sent me a link in an email last week with ‘Sad’ in the subject line. The link was to a story about a mama chimpanzee processing the death of her baby. I couldn’t watch the video (at the end) without tearing up. On that note, don’t you want to watch?

4. Something you might not know about me: I love to sweep. But that fact still won’t keep me from trying this nifty trick out next time I need to drill into a wall!

5. I was all kinds of happy and melty after having the opportunity to photograph TWO newborns last week. After the second one, I decided that I really could hold a newborn all day long. Somehow I think Ephram read my mind because he fell asleep in my arms a total of three times last week! (you can see a sneak of one of the babies over on the photography blog)

6. Yesterday I wore a shirt that I hadn’t worn in probably 4 years. It’s not out of style, or the wrong size. I just hadn’t seen it hanging in my closet because it was buried by the dozens of other shirts I never wear. But last week I cleaned everything out and only put back the clothes that we actually wear, or would really like to, but never did because we forgot they existed. Cleaning out closets can be a lot of fun. At least, in my opinion.

7. Fruity Valentine’s Day Stickers! – Make it a healthy cupid holiday.

8. Are you a Bachelor watcher? I’m very sad to say I am. But don’t worry, I make up some life points by always multi-tasking while I watch. Cleaning, folding laundry, facebooking, blogging… ya, okay, it’s still pretty pathetic.

9. Have any of you travelers out there had your plane canceled or delayed before? I’m a delayed/canceled-plane-virgin, and I am in need of some tips, because I have a bad gut feeling that the snow forecasted in Dallas (where we are supposed to have a layover) may be tripping up our flight plans to Florida tomorrow.

10. Luckily, I’ll be traveling with my best friend, so life shouldn’t be too bad.