ten on tuesday

1. We’re back from Florida. Ephram’s back home after spending 6 days with his wonderful aunt and uncle and two sweet cousins. Though it was a fun change of pace for both him and us, I think we are all happy to be back to our normal routine, even if it doesn’t include palm trees and walks on the beach. Or poptarts at daycare (for Ephram). 2. I know this will sound a little weird (especially to non-parents) but I feel like we dropped Ephram off as a baby and came home yesterday to a toddler. It still blows my mind that he’ll be a year old soon.

3. I have far too many photos from our trip to look through and share, but I’m hoping to slowly get them on the blog in the next week or so. I also need to finish up this adorable girl‘s photo session first though, because I know her parents are anxious for those photos!

3. At this moment, Beau is at the store picking up seed trays for all the tropical seeds he collected while we were on our trip. I’m crossing my fingers that they actually grow because it will give him a hobby. As long as he’s got a hobby, he might forget about how much he hates the snow. So really, it only needs to last until about April or May. Then he’ll have a yard to keep him busy once again! Hooray!

4. I’ve got my own little project to work on, including a jar of Naples, Florida sand, a few shells, and a map. I’m planning on redo-ing a wall in our living room that will be a sort-of home for photos and collected mementos from our vacations. We don’t travel a ton, but I want to remember the places we have been. Instead of solely keeping all of our photos on a hard drive, I think they deserve to be displayed around the house so we can smile at them daily.

5. Alright, I’m cutting this ToT post a little short. I’ve got laundry, photos, food, and more to take care of and probably only another half hour of a morning nap to do it in!

Happy Tuesday!