ten on tuesday

1. Got snow? After melting off a good chunk of our winter snow pack last week, we received about 10″ in the last 48 hours. Can I go back to Florida yet? 2. This year was definitely THE year to buy a snow-blower in Minnesota. Best decision we could have ever made. And I’m so proud of myself that I can actually use it!

3. My favorite time of the day is becoming Ephram’s bedtime. Not because it means I will finally have a bit of time to myself once he falls asleep (though that is pretty nice), but because of our bedtime routine. It’s nothing special and we’ve been doing it since he was very small. But we recently added teeth brushing to our nightly to-do’s with Ephram and he’s loving it. Brushes/chews on that tooth brush like he’ll never be able to do it again. Which he apparently thinks is true, because when I tell him we are done brushing our teeth, he cries. A lot. It might as well be the end of the world.

4. Did you vote yesterday? I’m glad everyone has so much faith that he’ll start walking sooner, rather than later. My arms and back thank you.

5. Mmmm… these look so good, but you know I suck at anything that requires being in the kitchen. Would these be hard to make?

6. Tonight was swim class night for Ephram and I. It’s somewhat hilarious how structured the high school girls running the class try to make it. The first couple of weeks I felt bad when I couldn’t get Ephram to lay on his back, or kick when it was time to kick. But more recently, and especially tonight, I was quite amused that none of the mom/baby pairs were performing the suggestions of our teacher.

7. Also, I really did take pictures of E in the pool last week, and I promise to share them soon. Really.

8. Not even two days after returning from Florida, the skin on my face started peeling. I am shocked. Though normally I am one of those people that either burn or come home white, I felt I finally had gotten a good light tan without burning. My only explanation is that my skin has developed some allergic reaction to the sun after having spent all winter hibernating inside. What do you think?

9. A week from tomorrow is Ephram’s first birthday and yet I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around the fact that he’s that old.

10. Things I’m looking forward to today? A three day break from work beginning at 6am tomorrow morning, dinner with friends scheduled for tomorrow evening, Ephram’s one year check up on Thursday, seeing one of E’s cousins on Friday as well as an afternoon playdate with more little ones and some mamas I’ve been missing a whole bunch.