ten on tuesday

1. A couple of friends from work came over to watch the Bachelor last night. Yep, I’m still watching… but it was a good excuse to get together for a night of tv and pizza with the girls. And we ordered pizza from my favorite Northfield pizza place! Someone go tell them they need an actual website. 2. After my second to last overnight shift last week, Beau woke me up at 12:30 with “breakfast” in bed. He handed me a plate of food while I was still half asleep. I stared down at the plate unsure of what he made me. I think it was the mention of breakfast that lead to thinking it looked like blueberry pancakes. Which is going to sound really weird when I tell you it was actually Fettuccine Alfredo Lasagna. Needless to say, my taste buds were quite surprised (or confused) and didn’t know quite what to think, and it didn’t taste very good. It was a pre-made frozen dinner thing, so I don’t feel bad about saying Beau’s cooking was bad this one time.

3. Can you believe I was this big and anxious (I guess the photo doesn’t capture the latter of those two things) just one year ago? Sadly, I actually feel I look better in this photo than I do now. Unless you’ve seen me in person lately, you have no idea how bad my hair needs a good haircut and highlight treatment. And if you have seen me lately, or will be seeing me soon, I won’t be offended if you look away in disgust.

4. Am thinking of trying out this envelope liner project in the near future. Maybe for some thank you cards I’m sure I’ll be sending out soon? If you’ve tried it already, any tips?

5. For the past several months, our house has been filled with clementine oranges. They are so delicious, perfect for snacking on, or tossing in a lunch for work, and recently, we’ve even started giving them to Ephram. He is in love juicy, sweet fruit these days, just like his mama. I might even enjoy them enough that I temporarily forget that clementine season correlates with winter.

6. Google Recipe Search is too cool.

7. I’m not much of a painter, but a paintbrush for the iPad is a pretty nifty idea. I can just see it now; the day Ephram tells me that Crayola watercolor paints are what old people use, and he can only paint using a computer. And I’ll share a story about painting on actual paper back in the day.

8. Interested in a small scavenger hunt that could win you a free photo session with muah?! Head over here.

9. This is funny. Or strange. Or both! I use Google Analytics on my websites, to track how people get to my site. Usually the google searches that lead to my site don’t surprise me, but these have me scratching my head a little: ‘did santa ana get captured in his pajamas’, ‘is there a cold going around minneapolis october 2010′, ‘cute potting sheds’, and ‘sister in law’s pretty toes on flickr’.

10. Have you heard of Crazy8 yet? Thanks to my sister in law (no, not that one, the mother of these other cuties), I’m sort of in love. And these socks Ephram got for Christmas are officially my favorite baby/toddler socks ever. They fit perfectly, are thick and durable compared to others we have, and of course they have the ever important traction on the bottom for my soon-to-be-walker.

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