ten on tuesday

1. Somehow Tuesday has already creeped up on me. In addition, it's already 8 days in to March! How did this happen? 2. I probably would have made this into a whole post on its own, but I already shared Ephram's first video of walking on facebook and twitter, so I think most people saw it. But, for those who don't have facebook/twitter and don't know already: Ephram took his first steps on Sunday! Go watch!

3. Big Friendly Reminder: Remember to make backups! I'm sure everyone else isn't as forgetful as me, so hopefully I'm the only one who went for an entire year without backing up their blog and therefore, when I made an error on Sunday, lost all of my blog posts and comments. What's worse is that I am horrible at backing up my photos as well. Someone slap my fingers! So this week will be spent making back ups. for. everything.

4. My Sunday mistake made me ponder a few things bit about this blog. Of course, first I had to tell myself that it was just a blog and that no one had died. It wasn't the end of the world. But I really did feel like I couldn't breathe for a few moments there. So why does this blog mean so much to me? Why do I keep writing? I realized that it is sort of my journal for Ephram since I didn't really keep a baby book, and I have sort of given up on paper journals since it's so much easier and convenient to do it on the computer. I look back on old posts to remember how far we've come; to see what we were doing 6 months ago. And to be honest, even Beau has admitted to me that he's done the same. So, I will continue to grab old posts, somehow saved in my Google Reader, and remember to make back ups from this point forward.

5. So, we finally bought an iPad. Though we probably could have spent the money on a new front door (one that didn't leak cold air straight into our basement making it utterly inhabitable in the winter), we are tech freaks and could not surpass a $100 discount on the original iPads now that the iPad 2 has been announced, officially.

6. 10 points to the person who guesses how long it took me to buy my first book on the iPad! It was roughly 36 hours. And I'm loving it. Maybe it's the novelty of it, the ease in flipping pages while lying in bed, or the fact that Jodi Picoult is the best writer ever and I love every book I've ever read by her. But I likely will never buy a paper version of a book again.

7. This weekend, after Ephram's party, my niece and nephew stayed the night. The next morning Beau had to work, so I was left with three mouths (four if you include myself) for breakfast. Not an easy task when you lack really any cooking skills and those mouths range in ages from 1 to 7 to 9 to 25. Well, miraculously I made pancakes, from scratch. And whenever I actually am able to prepare something edible that wasn't frozen, I tend to get on a kick of making it often. So, I think I'm going to attempt these next: Cake Batter Pancakes! (found via Melanie Bauer)

8. I have this horrible habit of posting projects I want to get done, but then I never get them done. Well, surprise, surprise! Last week Beau and I had a couple days off together. And when we both have time off together, that means one of us can actually work on something while the other is on Ephram-duty. So, I actually have some projects to show you and hope to debut them later this week.

9. Tonight is the last night of Ephram's swim class. So I should probably post pictures from that soon.

10. Lastly, I must say a Happy 26th Birthday to my best friend/husband. Compared to last year, I'd say he'll be enjoying his birthday much more this year. ;)