ten on tuesday

1. We're heading out on our first storm chase of the season today. This means a long day in the car, a lot of looking at the computer, a lot of looking at the sky, food on the go, etc. And more importantly, it will be our first storm chase as a family. Which means, this chase may include a few more stops made and a few more non-storm pictures taken than usual. 2. Hoping for a happy Ephram today, rather than the professional tantrum thrower who's been testing my patience lately. Luckily, he seems to only throw said tantrums in the confines of our home when we are visitor-less. And today will not be one of those days spent at home. Nor will it be visitor-less since we will have the company of our friend, Brad as well.

3. Of all the funny things Ephram did as a baby, this video totally tops it. A baby scared of someone blowing their nose?! Hilarious. Go watch.

4. Less than an hour after sending an email off to a friend Sunday, mentioning how I would like to try out a 35mm lens, I arrived home from work to a wrapped box containing a Nikkor 35mm lens. Sweetest husband ever, or what?

5. If you're a photographer, you're probably deciding how sweet Beau truly is by curiously wondering if it was the 35mm f/1.8 or the 35mm f/1.4. (If you are not a photographer, just click those links and you'll see why. [hint: $$]) And I'll answer that by simply saying, I absolutely love my husband, but if he'd bought me the f/1.4, I'd probably ask him what bank he robbed. :)

6. Since Beau used to work for a bank, I'm fairly confident I don't have to worry about him robbing one, like ever.

7. In love with this dresser makeover. Am hoping it gives me the motivation to start one of the 1,000 projects I have on my to-do list this week. I still haven't settled on a color for our bedroom dresser...

8. I mentioned last Friday I was still looking for ideas on how better to display our vacations and little mementos we collect. Well, I had completely forgotten this one until I was searching through some of my starred posts on Google Reader yesterday.

9. Combine #8 with the latest and greatest idea from Young House Love and I may have a whole new idea in my head for a certain wall in our living room.

10. But that's for another day, because today is all about heading to our southern bordering state and finding a tornado. (or at least a thunderstorm!) Wish us luck!