ten on tuesday

1. First of all, we found daycare for Ephram! We had a meeting scheduled with one that I had a good feeling about last night. Well, she blew my good feeling away and made it a great feeling after leaving her place. Even Beau was super impressed with how her entire basement is entirely dedicated to a play area for the kids + a full kitchen with a kids table for meals + a big bathroom with a changing table and little training potties. It's amazing. So in love. And she was just as nice in person as on the phone. 2. I'm sure you've seen this since the news even started showing it yesterday, but I am a tad bit obsessed with the Eagle family in Decorah, IA. Since I was working night shifts this past weekend, I only seemed to catch them while they were sleeping and missed both the egg hatches, but yesterday Ephram and I watched them in the daylight. He thought it was pretty silly that there was a bird on my computer screen. Somehow I kept missing them feed the baby eagles due to my own hungry baby needing snacks and meals, but this morning I turned it on and finally caught both mom and dad in the nest tearing apart a crow. Yummy!

3. I'm ready to admit I'm a One Frame a Day failure. At first I thought I'd be able to get back in the swing of things after missing a few weeks but I didn't. And you know what, I enjoy sharing photos and stories on here anyways, so I think part of me felt it was just redundant to share a photo/story there too.

4. I do have a new plan though, and it still yields a yearly album for Ephram. And since Bobbi from thebobbishop.com just convinced to switch to InDesign for all album making, it should be fairly easy! I never knew that InDesign could be so handy, but I'm fully convinced now.

5. I came across a new website last week that I've fallen so very in love with. It's the family behind the Happy Family Movement. Their everyday adventures they blog bring a smile to my face. I'm especially obsessed with how much fun their road trips look and it's making me very excited for some of our own family vacations we'd like to take in the future.

6. By the way, they are selling road trip kits soon. They sound amazing!

7. If you know me, you know spiders creep me out. And this news story makes it difficult for me to even close my eyes at night. It's a serious phobia of mine. (If you don't like spiders, probably don't read it. But even I have to admit that's it's somewhat interesting.)

8. My niece is the cutest little girl ever. Just sayin'.

9. If you've ever wondered what I do at my 'day' job, here's a sample on the Telvent Environment blog. I wrote that article this past weekend, so the forecast is a little old, but keep an eye on that blog to see more, if you'd like.

10. The flowers on my dining room table are making my week. (Thanks Mom!)