ten on tuesday

1. In an effort to not binge on junk food while working 32 hours this past weekend (I tend to justify unhealthy food when I'm working 16 hour shifts...) I only packed healthy sandwiches and a few clementines as meals. Unfortunately, a coworker brought in some left over Christmas chocolate and I became weak in the knees. But, I still managed to devour about 5 clementines in just two days. I'm quite thankful that I don't get indigestion easily. 2. Despite the fact that our lives now include daycare for Ephram and a normal work schedule for Beau, I feel like our spare time is still severely lacking. I suppose the energy of a 13 month old may have something to do with it as well. But I've been hoping to tackle a couple specific projects around the house now for months and hope every week I might stumble upon a few extra hours in the day to start them. So in an effort to actually accomplish something this week, I'm speaking out loud about my desire to paint our bedside tables. Wish me luck.

3. Speaking of stumbling upon free time, I suppose I really shouldn't complain since Ephram and I attended our regularly scheduled Monday playdate with the Northfield Moms yesterday, and have another playdate later today with our other group of baby boy/mom friends. But in all honesty, any hour of the day that Ephram is awake means I likely won't get much more than a few photos edited and laundry done, so spending time with some lovely moms instead is a good excuse for putting off a painting project in my opinion.

4. Have I mentioned how I'd like to find a good nickname for Ephram? Well, since he was born, we've sort of settled on 'E', 'buddy', and 'E-Machine'. Lately, the amount of energy and character Ephram's been displaying is making me think 'E-Machine' may become a more permanent nickname.

5. Somehow we lost one of Ephram's shoes last week. Though we own around 3 pairs of little boy shoes, this specific pair was the only pair that fit his oddly shaped feet. The day following the mysterious shoe disappearance, we visited the park and I was introduced to Skidders. The very same day we picked up a pair at Target. You may have already caught Ephram sporting them on the driveway.

6. If you're the donating type and have been searching for a good cause to give to, I've got the perfect one. While Ephram was in the hospital for his heart surgery, we were witnesses to the tiniest of premature babies being cared for in the NICU. And just a few short months later, a friend of mine from high school gave birth 10 weeks early to a beautiful baby girl. The good news is that she's now 8 months old and very healthy, but some are not as fortunate. She (and her family) are walking on May 7th to help give all babies a healthy and safe start. Support their walk by donating to the March of Dimes.

7. Now that Spring has truly sprung, at least for the time being (unfortunately cold weather is on the horizon for Friday/Saturday), I've been bit by the runner bug again. I may really need to spring on a jogging stroller so that I can actually make time to run outside. Elise shared her running strategies last week and it's really been motivating me to get back into the routine.

8. Seriously though, #7 is not happening without a jogging stroller. Any suggestions? Brands? I've heard exceptional things about the BOB strollers, but I fear they are out of our price range unless we can find a used one on Craigslist.

9. Guess who has yet to order the '10 Reasons I Love You' book for Ephram (originally meant as a birthday gift...) ?

10. Guess who is scheduled to work another 32 hours this coming weekend and still won't have time to finish up the measly one page that isn't finished for said book?