Ten on Tuesday

1. In the midst of the busyness that Halloween brought, I never realized (until this past weekend while admiring my husband's iPhone 4's retina display. drool. i still can't get over that.) that he DID take a picture of Ephram in his banana costume. Unfortunately, the cute Dole sticker that I made him didn't really get captured in the photo, but trust me, it's there. On his head. Never mind the crazy man holding him. That's just our coworker, Mike. Ephram may or may not have cried after seeing him arrive at the party. 2. It's been so great seeing everyone's Halloween photos on blogs and facebook this past week. Next year we may actually take part in the whole trick or treating thing, if Ephram's bedtime ever extends later than 6pm...

3. Yes, now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, Ephram is back to a 6pm bedtime. (I shouldn't complain as this allows Beau and I to have a little time by ourselves in the evenings. But the days when we are out and about past 6pm end up being so hard on him.)

4. On Saturday, I informed my mom about Ephram's dislike of peas. Saturday night, I resorted to giving Ephram peas as it was the only veggie we had left in the house. He ate them!

5. I also told my mom about how it had been months since Ephram had fallen asleep in my arms. He fidgets like... well, an 8 month old. Sunday came and Ephram had caught a cold. He was having the hardest time taking a nap. So I brought him into the living room to watch football with me (Go Vikings!) and ten minutes later, I had a sleeping baby boy in my arms.

6. That boy sure knows how to keep a mama on her toes, that's for sure.

7. Tonight I will finish a set of three overnight shifts at 'the day job'. You have no idea how excited I am about this, unless you are unfortunate enough to have worked overnight shifts and also have children.

8. Tomorrow, I will likely spend the day in pajamas, playing with Ephram on the living room floor, and napping whenever he allows me to. (see number 7)

9. If you missed it yesterday, I released my 2010 Holiday Cards. Previous and future clients, go check 'em out!

10. The other day I let Ephram play in the nude for a bit for the first time. As a faithful photographing mama, I had to grab a few photos. This one's got to be my fav.