ten on tuesday

1. Ephram caught the vomit bug that has been going around. Mostly it was Sunday evening, but it seems to have lingered a couple more days as well. Though he couldn’t keep much down, and I think the vomiting scared him a bit, you sure can’t tell he wasn’t feeling well from these pictures, can you? For not feeling well, he was still a pretty happy boy.

2. I’m getting so excited for Christmases to come with Ephram. Though he doesn’t understand who Santa is this year, I still had some fun making a custom Santa video for him at the Portable Northpole. So cute.

3. Another thing I look forward to in years to come, lunchboxes. And this one Tara suggests looks awesome.

4. It’s starting to look like a lot like Christmas. 15 inches of snow, lights on the trees in our yard, and of course all the decorations inside. If you’re looking for some holiday decorating inspiration, check here, here, and here. Love them all.

5. My absolute http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Cream-Wafers/Detail.aspx. But I just realized this week that I don’t have a rolling pin! Must buy one this week and gather enough motivation to bake!

6. And as if I needed more holiday treat eye candy, I ran across these beautifully done cake pops. Have you seen Bakerella’s cake pops before? I’m in love, yet hate to bake. Why must I hate baking? I guess it’s a good thing, since I’d never stop eating these sugary treats.

7. If I was giving out any gift cards this year, I’d love to try this. Maybe next year?

8. Erin convinced me to try a picture a day for 2011, but I decided not to wait until the New Year to start. I can’t promise I’ll post everyday, but hopefully most days.

9. Apparently the Japanese have this amazing multiplication method! Why didn’t my math teachers show me this when I was in school?! Now, if only there was a quick way to do division.

10. I’m off to await the USPS, FedEx and UPS. I think I’ve got a total of 6 packages arriving in the next two days, including our Holiday Cards which I hope to send out by Friday. I swear, without Amazon, I never would have gotten all my Christmas shopping done.