ten on tuesday.

1. My meal planning went pretty well last week so I'm going to try to continue. Last night I found this recipe to use up our tilapia. Though the tilapia we had wasn't the best quality (a little too fishy tasting), Beau and I still enjoyed it. But when I offered some to Ephram he just shook his head - a new trick he's learned. While it gives me a slight headache when he declines good food, it's just too adorable to get upset. And any sort of communication is better than grunts and crying these days. 2. By the way, myrecipes.com has greatly helped me stick to a meal plan lately. They have awesome recipes on the site, and it allows you to save/add new recipes to your recipe file as well. Then I add the recipes I want to make that week to a new shopping list so that I can make sure I buy the ingredients needed for the week. So, so helpful.

3. I concluded yesterday that my eating habits have improved since Ephram became an observant toddler. For instance, no, Donya, you don’t need that ice cream sandwich in the freezer. It will spoil your dinner. And Ephram will want to share.

4. Speaking of healthy eating, we are this close to having our new raised veggie garden planted. Beau bought the seeds/plants last night but we've had a few projects needing more urgent attention - aka, a new garage door...

5. Anyone know how to get rid of ants? Last year they invaded our kitchen, to which I blamed the dripped baby milk. But this spring, I've spotted them in the dining room, the entry way, and even the laundry room. And the small ant houses they sell at Target aren’t doing the trick - and are oh so very tempting to touch by the small person living in my house.

6. A week or so ago, I showed Ephram the correct way to descend the stairs (feet first, if you aren’t up to speed with the toddler world). And ever since, he’s been mildly obsessed with practicing/playing on the stairs. And when he climbs back up, he often decides to stand up mid-way and clap. That’s definitely safe for a wobbly toddler, right? (I swear I lose a year off my life everytime he does this.)

7. Ever since stumbling upon the Solar’s personal blog last month, I’ve fallen in love with this family of five. They make road trips seem amazing (as I’ve mentioned before) and life with toddlers/little kids seem so fun and easy. In particular, Jenny's strategy of setting brown boxes on top of the each child's dresser for tomorrow’s clothes is simply genius. Jenny Solar, I thank you. :)

8. By the way, I already implemented #6 in Ephram’s room and I got two thumbs up from Beau for it. Well, maybe not literally, but he did comment that it made the mornings he's has to get Ephram ready alone go a lot smoother.

9. I stumbled upon these printable J.Crew coloring book pages this week and just had to share.

10. Since it's finally feeling and looking like summer outside, E and I are headed outside, as soon as he wakes up from his afternoon nap. Happy Tuesday!