ten on tuesday

1. Beau found a pesky virus on my computer this weekend. Luckily it didn’t harm any of my files, but while I worked the weekend away, Beau reformatted my laptop. She’s good as new once again, but it put a hamper in my plans to share photos of the new backyard. But check back tomorrow for sure. 2. We have a Swiffer Wet Jet. I love it, and Ephram obviously does as well. But I have a problem paying so much for the refills of floor cleaner. If you also have a Swiffer mop, you know that you can’t just open the bottles and refill them yourself. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Thanks to Google and the Internet, I stumbled upon the Swiffer Wet Jet Hack! Sorry Swiffer, but I will be making my own floor cleaning solution from now on, and this recipe seems to work like a charm.

3. Now, I just need to find or make a fancy velcro cloth pad to use instead of the disposable ones! I’m thinking this one might work.

*edit: if you are currently in the market for a mop like the Swiffer Wet Jet, also check out the new Libman Spray Mop.

4. In love with these lullabies. And bonus, all proceeds go to help end Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

5. I’m often asked what software I use for photo editing. The answer? Adobe’s Lightroom 3. I used to use Photoshop exclusively, and felt foolish once I discovered how fast editing is in Lightroom due to the ability to batch edit (very nice when it comes to things like white balance, etc.). If you’ve been on the fence about buying Lightroom 3 lately, go check out B&H’s current sale price. Extremely good deal.

6. Ephram’s dresser drawers are just bursting with adorable outfits (thanks so much to our family and friends). There are not enough days in his current 12-18 month wearing stage to wear them all, I swear. But I’m not complaining, and I’m definitely knocking on wood since I very well may be jinxing myself into days filled with multiple outfit changes now.

7. If you’re as much as a baby name freak as me, you’ll want to see top rising boy and girl baby name preditions on the Baby Name Wizard blog for sure.

8. I’ve come to the conclusion that May is my absolute favorite month solely due to the smell of blooming lilacs and other flowering trees. Pure bliss.

9. As if Joplin, MO wasn’t hit hard enough this weekend, did you know that they are in for another round of severe weather today? Keep them in your thoughts today for sure. My co-worker wrote an interesting article about the recent severe weather. After this past Sunday, 2011 is already the most deadliest year for tornadoes since 1953. Yikes. Go check out the article to read more.

10. Luckily the Sunday’s Minneapolis tornado wasn’t nearly as destructive as the that hit Joplin, but because it hit so close to many friends and family, I wanted to list a number of ways you can stay informed on the latest weather warnings. Your local news, online at Weather.gov, a Weather Radio, Weather Channel Text Messages/Emails, and dozens of apps on smart phones provide alerts as well. Please stay informed.